The Body Can Take a Lot

My life is pretty mundane for the most part, but sometimes things happen to me that no one can believe. There was one incident that happened months ago that caused me to see one of the Cumming chiropractors. It was something that happened out of the blue. I was walking down the street one day to get to a restaurant, and a car just jumps the curb and hits me. I go flying into a lamp post, and surprisingly, the only thing I walk away with is an injured back. The accident could have killed me, but my body was resillient enough.

I was rushed to a hospital and x-rayed, but there was nothing broken in me. I had some pain in my back, which is where the chiropractor came in. When he learned of how I had the accident, he was shocked that I was able to walk around at all, much less even breathe. Continue reading The Body Can Take a Lot

My Daughter Had a Cheerleading Accident

My daughter is a cheerleader, which I thought was a pretty safe sport for her to take part in. The squad that she is in does not do the pyramids or any dangerous stunts, so I had no problem with her cheering on the high school teams. What I was not counting on was one of the football players running away from a tackle and running into the cheerleaders. They all jumped up from the pile, but my daughter complained the next morning of back pain. I decided to call my chiropractor in San Francisco to see if he could fit her in for a quick appointment.

I have been going to him for a while because of back spasms that I used to have. I stopped going for months after the problem was fixed, but I found out that I felt better when I did not skip out on going there. I had been going at least once every few months for a back adjustment ever since, so everyone there knows me pretty well. Continue reading My Daughter Had a Cheerleading Accident

Incredible Relief for a Bad Back

I sought out the services of a chiropractor in Concord after a mishap occurred while I did some landscaping in the backyard. I noticed that I hadn’t put down mulch in quite a few years and the old stuff was mostly gone. That meant I had weeds creeping into the landscaping and they were choking out my flowers and plants. I resolved to clean up the landscaping and put down a new, thick layer of mulch so the weeds wouldn’t come back. Since I didn’t have a wheelbarrow, I had to carry the heavy bags of mulch from the truck into the yard.

The first few bags weren’t much of a problem. The third bag, however, proved too much for my back and I literally crumpled to the ground in excruciating pain as my back gave out. It took every ounce of energy I had to get into the house and into bed. I tried a hot bath a few hours later, thinking the heat would help with the pain, but it only provided marginal relief. Continue reading Incredible Relief for a Bad Back

Assisted My Son with His Poor Eating Habits

Imagine ending up at an Oklahoma City chiropractor because of your son’s poor eating habits! It sure sounds strange, but that is exactly what happened to my husband and I after a few years of trying to deal with our son not eating properly. We’re not picky parents about our children and what they eat, not really. We obviously want them to eat well, but it’s ok if they steal a snack or two here or there or have fast food once a week. The problem is that our son simply wouldn’t eat, and it began to harm his health.

As everyone knows, it is absolutely essential that growing children have as good of a diet as possible. The years in which their bodies grow and their minds develop are crucial for a healthy adulthood. Continue reading Assisted My Son with His Poor Eating Habits

I Had Some Balance Issues

I started to get concerned when I fell for the second time in less than a week. The first time, I just attributed it to me being clumsy. The second time though, I knew that there was something wrong with my balance. I wanted to get it checked out, so I contacted my doctor, who saw me immediately. He is the one who suggested that I visit a Santa Rosa chiropractor after doing a complete examination along with blood work. Everything had come back normal, and he told me that it could be something as simple as my spine needing adjusted.

He referred me to a chiropractor who has an office fairly close to my apartment, and I was happy that he could see me quickly too. I was honestly that worried about falling for a third time. The examination was much easier than I expected. He did some X-rays so he could have a look at my spine, and he also had me demonstrate my range of motion for him. It was not the best, but then again, I had been slowing down for some time because of my age. Continue reading I Had Some Balance Issues

Our Son Was Nearly Hit by a Car

My ten year old son was crossing the road about two months ago when a car came racing down the road, easily going twice the speed limit. He narrowly missed hitting my son, but he was still injured when he jumped back and hit the curb. I knew that we had gotten extremely lucky because it could have been so much worse. I took my son right to the hospital emergency room to be checked out. They did some testing because his back was hurting. The ER doctor suggested that I take him to a Santa Barbara chiropractor because while there was bruising and he was sore, there were no internal damages that would require a hospital stay.

He explained that a chiropractor would be able to perform some adjustments on his back and get him feeling up to par again. I had no idea that a kid could even go to the chiropractor as a patient. I thought this was something that only adults did. Continue reading Our Son Was Nearly Hit by a Car

My Car is a Total Loss

It did not really seem all that bad at the time, but it turned out that my car could not be fixed for a reasonable price. I had problems as well, although I did not suspect that it would be very serious at the time. I was hurting. The guy ran a red light and struck me at about fifty miles an hour. The police were there about five seconds later, they were chasing this guy. I was dazed and so this stuff did not enter with me. A San Leandro chiropractor had to fix my back, although it was about a week before I realized that it was not going to get better unless I did something about it. Continue reading My Car is a Total Loss

No Need to Be Stubborn

It took the effort of my entire family to get my grandfather to go to a chiropractor in Cary NC. He had been dealing with back pain for quite some time, but never do anything about it besides getting some pain powder from the drug store and dissolving it in a cup of water. It’s not like he couldn’t afford to go, as he was getting health care from the government because of his military service. We tried many times to get him to go, but he just wouldn’t do it. He just kept telling us that his back would heal on his own without the help of some kind of quack. Although he wouldn’t admit it, he was really afraid to go any kind of medical professional for help.

The exact reason why he was afraid of medical professionals wasn’t exactly clear, but my grandfather has often told us many times about various trips to the doctor that he’s taken in his life, and how he didn’t like any of them. Continue reading No Need to Be Stubborn

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

I am not sure what I did to my lower back, but it is killing me. It is hard to get up and move around, and walking for more than a few minutes really makes me want to fall down to my knees and cry. Of course, I can’t cry because that is not in my character, but it sure seems like it would be nice right about now. I am going to try to find a good chiropractor in Beverly Hills to go visit and get some treatment for my back.

I hope that they will be able to do the trick, and to make my back feel like new again. Of course, that sort of view is probably a bit too optimistic to be realistic. I might have a really good treatment session on my first visit though, for all I know. it is definitely possible. Although, I am not going to bank on it, or anything like that. Continue reading Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain