Desk Job Put a Strain on My Neck

My neck started hurting after I got a desk job. When we switched to laptops I still wanted to use a regular keyboard and a mouse. I cannot stand the touchpad and the keys on the keyboard of a laptop. This puts the screen too far away from me, and I lean my neck forward to see it. So much for following good ergonomic recommendations. I ended up pinching a nerve in my neck that lead to sensations of bugs crawling in my right ear and a similar sensation across my face to my nose. A San Francisco chiropractor was on my list of necessary calls to make on my way home from work on Monday. The reason I called is that I fixed how I sit at my computer a couple of weeks before, but I still had the odd sensations.

The IT department hooked me up with a flat screen monitor I could attach to my laptop when at my desk. The keyboard was right in front of it, so that fixed my problem of poor body position while using a computer. However, I did not feel any better in my neck even two weeks later. Continue reading Desk Job Put a Strain on My Neck