Assisted My Son with His Poor Eating Habits

Imagine ending up at an Oklahoma City chiropractor because of your son’s poor eating habits! It sure sounds strange, but that is exactly what happened to my husband and I after a few years of trying to deal with our son not eating properly. We’re not picky parents about our children and what they eat, not really. We obviously want them to eat well, but it’s ok if they steal a snack or two here or there or have fast food once a week. The problem is that our son simply wouldn’t eat, and it began to harm his health.

As everyone knows, it is absolutely essential that growing children have as good of a diet as possible. The years in which their bodies grow and their minds develop are crucial for a healthy adulthood. You can see the harm a bad diet can do when you see pictures of North Korean soldiers standing next to people from other countries. Due to not eating properly, they didn’t grow into healthy adults. Most of them are almost a foot shorter than people from other countries. We worried this would happen to our son. His refusals to eat meant we needed a plan of action.

We found that plan at a chiropractor’s office after hearing that they also do a lot of work with nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Figuring it was worth trying, we took our son in for an appointment. They spent a lot of time talking to him about what he liked to eat and why he wasn’t eating. They hit a home run with him by doing something I didn’t think about, namely having him drink smoothies. That sounds weird but you can pack a lot of nutrients into a smoothie including fruit and vegetables. All I can say is that it worked and he’s doing much better.