How Ill-Health Changed My Values

When you have a prolonged bout of ill-health your values change and the former plans you had seem less important. Getting your health back becomes paramount! The progress on my business has fallen into decline as I didn’t have the energy, concentration or inclination to work on it.

After a fractured kneecap (patella) earlier this year, followed by a spinal injury and recently, I have spent 4 weeks under the grips of vertigo. A very debilitating situation as you appear well but can suffer all manner of symptoms, mine were: nausea, light-headedness, unsteady gait and giddiness, plus difficulty sleeping, this is debilitating by itself. Some rather strange things helped me live with the nausea, liquorish, nuts and lettice leaves chewed to a pulp!

I am delighted to say the symptoms are at last clearing, (although not recommended by the doctor, travel sickness pills did give some relief). Also a few days ago someone told me about Eply treatment shown on YouTube and demonstrated by the medical profession, but the doctors around here don’t practice it. It is a sequence of simple head movements to clear misplaced crystals in your inner ears balance canals. If you are suffering from Vertigo you may wish to Google Eply or watch the videos.

However the information came as my symptoms were clearing, it is fantastic to feel well again, my business can be set back on track, and once again my life can return to normal. However it has made me re-evaluate my values and good health, has become number one!

I have again been reading Anthony Robbins, he explains how changing the sequence in your list of values can change your life-plan, change your beliefs and change your life. A belief is a feeling of certainty and power about what you believe to be true. To substantiate your beliefs, e.g. “you can be successful”, make a list of things you have succeeded in, in the past. The longer the list the more proof you have to convince your subconscious and the stronger your belief system will become. Dwell on your desired result to strengthen your beliefs, continual messages along your neural pathway to your brain help to achieve this. Keep your thoughts on what you want to achieve not negative thoughts, use your imagination to “see” results.

It is difficult to be positive when you are feeling unwell, or suffering misfortune, but stop indulging in negative thoughts, they are not helping you to change, commit to a positive life-style with thoughts of success and happiness.

Self sabotage happen when we have mixed thoughts that negate our progress. It is like driving a car with the break on we go round in circles.

If improving your life is something that interests you I would suggest reading “Awaken the Giant Within or watching Anthony Robbins videos on YouTube. So if these suggestions help you to improve your health, or get rid of bad habits and make your life happier, maybe lose weight, give up smoking, of stop depression and re-evaluate your life I am delighted. It feels great to feel positive again,

I am now able to once again concentrate on growing my business and enjoying time and location freedom. If one of you life-changes is to own your own business, you too can enjoy time and location freedom by working at home, by setting up a small online business in your spare-time, perhaps you could give up some TV to free up some time.

Grow it to suit your needs. Maybe a holiday fund or even a full-time business. There are many part-timers online also many millionaires in the industry, the choice is yours according to your aspirations and commitment.

The simplest way to begin online is with the help and guidance of a coach who supplies excellent products, paying a generous commission for sales up to 50%. Earn whilst you are learning the training. Affiliate marketing is a system of working online with a reduced risk and the comradeship of other like-minded entrepreneurs. Programs exist in virtually any topic you can think of. Visit magazine racks for ideas or make a Google search. The internet is the way of the future.

Best Wishes for your future, may you be happy healthy and successful.