Even Fit People Can Have Back Trouble That Leads to Debilitating Pain

I eat plenty of vegetables, and I eat the right amount of fruit. I get my whole grains, and I take fish oil and vitamins specific to my nutritional needs. I do not use tobacco, and I do not work in an industry where I am exposed to dangerous chemicals. I exercise every day, and I make adjustments to keep my stress levels low. In other words, I take care of my physical body. It is the only one I have. I also make sure to keep a regular visit to my Peoria chiropractor to keep my back in the great shape it is in.

The first time I had back pain I was a little nervous about it. I really take care of myself, so a spinal misalignment was something that was out of the ordinary for me. I was not used to waking up in pain being so stiff I could barely manage the stairs. It took about an hour for me to loosen up in the mornings. I do not know what can be inherited as far as backs are concerned, but I was really worried as I had begun to act like my mother did with her back. She had an awful time with back pain. My father also had back troubles, but not as bad as my mother. I was worried it was something I might just have to live with, but my Peoria chiropractor got me fixed up.

I did need some adjustments and some altering of the ergonomics of my work station where I spent many hours each day. Now I no longer have any back pain, but I do go in for an adjustment that takes care of any residual discomfort that builds up in my back over time. I go in about once or twice per month. I went from having back pain that was getting worse and worse to no problems with my back any longer. When it was in full swing, I was unable to do any of the things I liked to do such as bicycling.