Incredible Relief for a Bad Back

I sought out the services of a chiropractor in Concord after a mishap occurred while I did some landscaping in the backyard. I noticed that I hadn’t put down mulch in quite a few years and the old stuff was mostly gone. That meant I had weeds creeping into the landscaping and they were choking out my flowers and plants. I resolved to clean up the landscaping and put down a new, thick layer of mulch so the weeds wouldn’t come back. Since I didn’t have a wheelbarrow, I had to carry the heavy bags of mulch from the truck into the yard.

The first few bags weren’t much of a problem. The third bag, however, proved too much for my back and I literally crumpled to the ground in excruciating pain as my back gave out. It took every ounce of energy I had to get into the house and into bed. I tried a hot bath a few hours later, thinking the heat would help with the pain, but it only provided marginal relief. So it was back to bed for a day and then onto the computer to find a chiropractor who could help fix my back.

I made an appointment on the phone and got a friend to take me in the next day. My pal had to help me walk into the clinic and the staff got me into an examining room so the chiropractor could take a look at the problem. He arrived not a moment too soon and set about fixing the problem. The solution involved stretching my arms and putting pressure on my back in the area where it hurt the most. I braced for some serious pain, but only ended up feeling relief wash across my body as the pain dropped to tolerable level. Nothing works better on a bad back than a good chiropractor.