My Car is a Total Loss

It did not really seem all that bad at the time, but it turned out that my car could not be fixed for a reasonable price. I had problems as well, although I did not suspect that it would be very serious at the time. I was hurting. The guy ran a red light and struck me at about fifty miles an hour. The police were there about five seconds later, they were chasing this guy. I was dazed and so this stuff did not enter with me. A San Leandro chiropractor had to fix my back, although it was about a week before I realized that it was not going to get better unless I did something about it. The chiropractor is the only real option, although I thought about other things. I have heard people claim that acupuncture works, but this seemed pretty clearly to be a situation where you need a chiropractor.

The premise behind their work is that you need to have the bones in your body where they should be relative to one another. The vertebra in your spine are obviously the ones that most frequently get out of whack, it is easy to see why when you look at the skeleton. It is clear that you can easily throw them out of place, especially in a serious accident like this one. At the time this all happened I was not even thinking about my body though. I guess that the adrenaline was pumping so hard that I could not feel anything else. The car was the only thing that I was worried about. I did not realize that the frame had been bent, so I was sort of happy that it looked as though the thing could be fixed fairly easily. This was obviously not the case.