My Daughter Had a Cheerleading Accident

My daughter is a cheerleader, which I thought was a pretty safe sport for her to take part in. The squad that she is in does not do the pyramids or any dangerous stunts, so I had no problem with her cheering on the high school teams. What I was not counting on was one of the football players running away from a tackle and running into the cheerleaders. They all jumped up from the pile, but my daughter complained the next morning of back pain. I decided to call my chiropractor in San Francisco to see if he could fit her in for a quick appointment.

I have been going to him for a while because of back spasms that I used to have. I stopped going for months after the problem was fixed, but I found out that I felt better when I did not skip out on going there. I had been going at least once every few months for a back adjustment ever since, so everyone there knows me pretty well. When I called about my daughter, they had me bring her in the same morning. I have a feeling even if I had not been a loyal patient there, they would have had her in there just as quickly.

When the football player hit, she had the unfortunate luck to be at the bottom of the pile. Not only did she have nine other girls on top of her, but she also had a 250 pound linebacker on top of her too. She twisted her back somehow, but it did not take long to get her back in perfect cheering condition. She told me that she feels better than ever, and she wants to go with me when I have an adjustment to have one done on herself too.