No Need to Be Stubborn

It took the effort of my entire family to get my grandfather to go to a chiropractor in Cary NC. He had been dealing with back pain for quite some time, but never do anything about it besides getting some pain powder from the drug store and dissolving it in a cup of water. It’s not like he couldn’t afford to go, as he was getting health care from the government because of his military service. We tried many times to get him to go, but he just wouldn’t do it. He just kept telling us that his back would heal on his own without the help of some kind of quack. Although he wouldn’t admit it, he was really afraid to go any kind of medical professional for help.

The exact reason why he was afraid of medical professionals wasn’t exactly clear, but my grandfather has often told us many times about various trips to the doctor that he’s taken in his life, and how he didn’t like any of them. I guess it’s an issue that just snowballed over the years, probably resulting from the first time he had to get a vaccination or something like that. He’s pretty lucky that he never need to have any kind of serious surgery.

When the chiropractor asked my grandfather how long he had been dealing with the pain, he told him the exact number and the chiropractor was shocked. He said that my grandfather should have come in to see him sooner, especially since he had health coverage. The pain in my grandfather’s back was caused by a common issue, one that could be easily taken care of without any invasive techniques. My grandfather had been dealing with this for so long, when he could have just gone in to the chiropractor one morning and his troubled would have been over long ago.