Our Son Was Nearly Hit by a Car

My ten year old son was crossing the road about two months ago when a car came racing down the road, easily going twice the speed limit. He narrowly missed hitting my son, but he was still injured when he jumped back and hit the curb. I knew that we had gotten extremely lucky because it could have been so much worse. I took my son right to the hospital emergency room to be checked out. They did some testing because his back was hurting. The ER doctor suggested that I take him to a Santa Barbara chiropractor because while there was bruising and he was sore, there were no internal damages that would require a hospital stay.

He explained that a chiropractor would be able to perform some adjustments on his back and get him feeling up to par again. I had no idea that a kid could even go to the chiropractor as a patient. I thought this was something that only adults did. I guess you can see how much I knew about chiropractic care and treatment options! Anyway, I did make the appointment after being assured that even some babies go the chiropractor for various reasons.

After explaining what had happened to the chiropractic office, they wanted me to bring my son straight there from the hospital. They explained that getting treatment started quickly could make his healing process go that much smoother as well as faster too. My son took everything in stride, but that actually made me happy that he was bragging about nearly being hit by a car. When it first happened, he was as distraught as I was, and I did not want that to be a lasting feeling for him. The chiropractor was able to do the first adjustment that same day, and he still goes on a semi regular basis along with my husband and I. We are all chiropractic care advocates now, seeing how much it has helped our son.