The Body Can Take a Lot

My life is pretty mundane for the most part, but sometimes things happen to me that no one can believe. There was one incident that happened months ago that caused me to see one of the Cumming chiropractors. It was something that happened out of the blue. I was walking down the street one day to get to a restaurant, and a car just jumps the curb and hits me. I go flying into a lamp post, and surprisingly, the only thing I walk away with is an injured back. The accident could have killed me, but my body was resillient enough.

I was rushed to a hospital and x-rayed, but there was nothing broken in me. I had some pain in my back, which is where the chiropractor came in. When he learned of how I had the accident, he was shocked that I was able to walk around at all, much less even breathe. I told him that I must have been really lucky that day, because there was no possible way that I could have survived something like that. I could see if I had been in a car, but I was on the street as a pedestrian with no protection of any kind.

The chiropractor gave me some medication to ease the pain, and I had to make regular visits to make sure that I was healing properly. The medical professionals were so amazed with my body that they wanted to do a study on me. They thought that I was the next big breakthrough in human evolution because of how I was able to withstand the car accident. I didn’t think I was that important, but I’m not a doctor, so what do I know. I hope I can be of service to science in the future.