The Critical Difference

What is The Critical Difference between people who stay fit and those who do not?

What is it that makes one person succeed and another fail?

Those who keep their gym membership and those who cancel?

I have been helping people with fitness goals for five years and have found myself asking this question quite a lot.

Five years is by no means a lifetime in the fitness industry (not even a decade!)… but over that time I can vouch these two factors as being the difference.

1) Your Brain

A strange way of putting it, but simply… your brain stops you.

Confidence, Drive, Motivation, Belief, Vision, Expectations, Goals, Passion, Diligence.

You could read reams of books about each one of these aspects of your psychology. But in my experience it all boils down to whether you are prepared to put in the work it takes.

Do you really want this? Are you prepared to better yourself day by day, to get the change you want? If so, why not?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t over think it. Do what you can. Stay positive. Stay upbeat. Enjoy exercising. Commit to a consistent training schedule. Eat using your common sense. Simple.

2) Environment

Really, brain trumps environment every time. If you have enough drive and sheer willpower you can overcome your surroundings and achieve your fitness and body composition goals regardless.

But a good environment makes it a lot easier.

Look at the big picture, THEN focus on details. Some good questions to ask yourself:

• How much do you walk each day?

• How active are you?

• How often you make time for exercise?

• Where do you buy your food and what do you buy?

• Does your partner/family situation influence the food choices you make? If so, what can you do to change this?

• Are you in an environment which physically and mentally challenges you to be better?

• Do you set benchmarks and goals when exercising?

• Do you train with someone? If so do they help or hinder your training?

Having competed at the highest level in sport, I can vouch for the power of environment. Surrounded by people in the same position as me, I was pushed to give my all to each session, eat as well as I can and focus fully on what I wanted to achieve.