Time to Get Serious About Nutrition

The San Rafael chiropractor I ended up going to in order to find the cause of my chronic muscle pain really brought home to me how important nutrition is in every person’s life. I never learned much about eating right, or even eating a diverse group of foods. My parents were definitely the junk food type, and unfortunately us kids followed their lead. It’s far easier to just not make great meals at home and swing by a fast food restaurant for lunch and dinner. Eating even a fair amount of junk food isn’t terrible as long as you balance it with something else.

I never got around to achieving that balance. The result? I had a heart attack that came out of the blue when I was in my late fifties. My arteries were blocked up pretty good, and I eventually had to have bypass surgery to fix the problem. Sadly, my doctors didn’t know much about nutrition except to say quit eating junk food. One of them actually referred me to the government’s food pyramid in an effort to get me to eat better. It was only later that I learned the food pyramid is junk. Too many carbs!

A friend told me to see his chiropractor because he helped people with nutrition. I went in figuring I’d learn a few things and came out of there learning more than I could possibly imagine. Did you know that most people need vitamin supplements because our agricultural system has left the soil deficient in critical minerals and vitamins we need to live healthy lives? That means you can eat all the vegetables you want and still not get enough of what you need. Armed with the information I learned from the chiropractor, I’m well on my way to a new, healthier life.